black and tan cat close up

September Client & Employee Pet of the Month!

Meet Magnus!   Magnus joined our family on October, 29th, 2012, by divine Intervention. We were driving on Igou Gap Road and suddenly my husband swerved sharply. I asked what in the world and he said, “we almost hit a kitten in the road”. I said, turn around! We pulled off the road and a scared, crying six-week-old tabby ran into my arms. The rest is history. Magnus is a ball of fire. He loves chasing his canine brother and sister through the house and carrying his toy mouse around. Somehow, the toy mouse ends up in our bed at some point during the night. His favorite sport is football. Whenever football is on, he jumps into my lap and stretches out facing the TV. He is so entertained by the player’s movements. Magnus provides lots of love and entertainment. His favorite human is his Father. Somehow Magnus knows his Father saved him that day. When his Father gets home from work and sits down to relax, Magnus jumps into his lap, flips over and starts making air-biscuits and drooling. We are so lucky to have him in our family.      – Cindy Hogan

Employee Pet of the Month

Meet Pissant!     Hi, my name is Pissant. My “mom” is Charlotte Langston, the office manager here at East Brainerd Animal Hospital. I live with her in a multi cat household, but I am considered the “Baby Boy”. I was a little fellow about 6 to 8 weeks old when I was left on the door step here in June, 2002. So, that makes me 12 years old! I was a feral kitten and everyone knew if I was ever going to have a chance to be adopted I would have to learn to be social and like to be handled. In the beginning,the only way I could be picked up and held was to throw a towel over me and then hang on! So, my “mom”‘and some of the other girls worked with me for about two months before I passed my socialization test! By that time, “mom” and I were so attached to each other that I had to go home with her. 12 years later, I am still the spoiled baby that I was as a scared, little kitten,and my “mom” loves me very much. My favorite things to do are find a sunny spot in the house and take a long nap, sleep right beside my “mom” at night, and play fetch with the plastic ring that comes off of a container of milk. I love coming to work with my “mom” because everyone loves on me because I am such a big cuddly kitty!