two grey cats

June Client & Employee Pet of the Month!

Meet Arry & Mottyl!

On a kayak trip a couple of summers ago, we found two small kittens in a tree, abandoned at a public boat ramp. We brought them home, and Dr. Revelle soon had them off to a healthy start. Now almost 2 years old, they are our Arry and Mottyl! Arry (named Argent, after the Old French word for “silver”) is the more athletic of the two. She is lightening fast, and plays a mean game of “Hall Ball”, chasing and fetching back her beloved little foam golf balls. She often wakes us during the night with gifts of hall balls, sometimes after thoroughly soaking them in her water bowl. Mottyl, who is a charcoal-grey tortoiseshell, prefers lying in a windowsill or by the screened door, observing the bird activity outside. She adores drinking from the bathtub faucet, and loves to lie on the tub surround, watching and listening to her “fountain”. We live in fear of her learning to turn the faucet on by herself! While they are very skittish around guests, they lavish their mom and dad with plenty of love and attention, and keeping us laughing with their escapades. Thanks, everyone at EBAH, especially Dr. Revelle and the wonderful staff, for taking such good care of us and for making us Pet of the Month!


Employee Pet of the Month

Meet Charlie!

Hi, my name is Charlie, I wondered up to my mommy and daddy when I was just a baby. I just knew right away that they were going to be my family. I got my wonderful name from Stephanie, who is a receptionist here at EBAH. (She is my human brother’s girlfriend). My sissy’s call me “Char Char”, “Char Mar Car” and “Mouse in the house”. I think they are all nutty, but I still love them! I am very good at playing possum, all you have to do is walk up to me and start talking baby talk and I will fall right over and play dead. There’s no doubt about it, I can be a little devious when it comes to my brother Mr. Wilson. He’s so annoying that I sometimes have to put him in his place…aka all of the time! Ha! Ha! My family loves me very much and they spoil me completely rotten with lot’s of kisses. My mom Tonya, is a receptionist here at EBAH! I recently decided that I wanted to eat the end of a rubber cellphone case, which lead me to surgery here at EBAH, but I am now healthy and healed! Hopefully I will stay out of trouble from now on! I would like to say thank you to everyone here at EBAH for voting me to be pet of the month, I think you are all awesome!