fluffy brown dog with red stripped bandana

July Client & Employee Pet of the Month!

imageMeet Cocoa! He is a 13 year old, brown toy poodle with a great personality! He was born on April 25, 2001. He was a gift for our daughter’s 10th birthday. He was only six weeks old when we brought him home from a breeder in Wooster, Ohio. He was the only brown puppy in the litter, but also the most playful and naughty one. He came and played with his brother’s shoe laces when we went to pick him out so we knew that he was the one for us. Cocoa is our youngest child and we spoil him with treats, bones and toys. His favorite game is fetch (which often turns into a game of tug of warnor catch me). As a puppy, he went to all of our children’s soccer and tennis games, so he became the mascot for all of the teams. He is extremely smart and obedient and can comprehend verbal commands such as, sit, shake, hand, lay, come, go, treat and beg. He loves to please his mom so he learned these commands very quickly. His ears perk up when he hears the words “walk or go”, then he runs straight to the door. He is very attached to our family and knows us all by name, but his favorite person is definitely his dad because he spoils him so much. He knows how to get his dad’s attention so that he will give him a massage or ask for a treat. Recently, Cocoa was diagnosed with diabetes and cushing’s disease, but fortunately Dr. Revelle has given him a second life. We have learned how to give him insulin shots and his energy level is back to where we can still walk him twice a day, which he enjoys very much!     – Vandana Taneja


Employee Pet of the Month

Meet Pippa! Hello, my name is Pippa and what can I say? I’m a cute puppy, so everyone loves me. my mom rescued me from a Paw and a Prayer two months ago. I love to play outside and go on long walks with my mom. I am a good swimmer and I already know how to sit! I am still working on my potty training skills but I’ll get it eventually. I have been somewhat of a hit to anyone and everyone who has met me. My mom, who is a vet tech and a receptionist at EBAH is by far the best mom I could have ever asked for! She gives me everything that I need and most of what I want! What puppy could complain about that kind of life? I have only been in her life for two months but I am so thankful that she picked me out of all of the puppies, we are very lucky to have each other! I love when I get to come with my mom to her work because everyone spoils me rotten and plays with me. Lucky for mom, I am completely worn out by the time we go home in the evenings! I want to thank everyone for choosing me to be puppy of the month, my mom and I are so excited!