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February Client & Employee Pet of the Month!

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Meet Leia!  She is a 1 year old Australian  Kelpie mix. My brothers, sisters and I were found in an abandoned house all alone without our mother. A stranger rescued us and took us to McKamey, where I was given the opportunity to choose an amazing family. Being very picky, I was the last of my siblings to choose a family. Everyone felt sorry for me being the last puppy remaining but little did they know what my future had in store! I love to do tricks like catching tennis balls and snatching treats off of my nose. I am very energetic and I love running laps around my yard. My mommy Ashlee, is a veterinary assistant here at East Brainerd Animal Hospital. She is so sweet and always makes sure I never go without anything I need. I am thrilled to be pet of the month and I would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day!


Employee Pet of the Month

Meet Mollie!     Many years ago, we came to the decision that our family needed a dog, little did we know we would be getting so much more. Mollie was “the pick of the litter” and I hoped she was the one we were getting because she ran right to me when we came to get her. She certainly lived up to that title and continues to be the most loving dog that we have ever had! Everyone that has met her always dotes on her and of course she loves the attention. As the saying goes, “she has never met a stranger.”  She is such a little princess and has always been treated like one. When researching the Bichin Frise, I read that they are not barkers, but Mollie decided at a young ago that she would alert us about everything, from the doorbell, to her favorite commercial on TV, to something simply being out of place in the house. Now that her hearing isn’t what it used to be we sure miss her bark. Mollie is now 14 1/2 years old and she has been plagued with many health issues over the years, yet she continues to be quite the little fighter and always comes out on top. Mollie has truly been the best decision that our family has ever made and as the saying goes, she is the gift that keeps on giving.