Nov 18 2014

November Client & Employee Pet of the Month!



Lincoln is our client pet of the month for November! “After the devastating loss of our family pet for 15 years, our hearts were broken and empty. So, we decided to go searching for our new family pet. My husband went searching shelters every day and he came home one day and told¬†me about this lab mix that he couldn’t stop thinking about. The next day I went with him to meet Lincoln. We were told that he had been wondering the streets of S. Pittsburg in a neighborhood where everybody loved him, but nobody wanted him. We just cannot understand why. My husband said when he first looked in his eyes, he knew that we would be bringing Lincoln home…and we did. So now he will never have to worry about food or shelter and our hearts are full again. He is such a joy and so full of love, and in this house, it doesn’t get any better than that. Lincoln says thank you for choosing him for your pet of the month!




Zip A Roo is our employee pet of the month for November! I am an 8 year old rat terrier with an attitude and a gimpy leg. I was rescued by my mom Bobbi, who is a technician here at EBAH. I was brought into the clinic where she worked to be euthanized, but the doctors there¬†thought I was too cute and decided to find me a home. I went home with someone,but it wasn’t the best fit, so they brought me back and Bobbi took me home! My new mom has two kids that I love so much and lucky for me, they understand my complex mind. I am a little timid and very protective of my food. I don’t like men very much, but I love todo tricks for some yummy treats! Every night I love to snuggle up with the kids and get under my blanket and go tos keep. I am a very special pet, but my family loves me just the way I am!

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