May 08 2014

May client pet of the month!

Meet Coco!

We found Coco one summer night in July 2004. We had been out for dinner and we decided to drive through Baskin Robbins for dessert. As we were waiting in line, my 2 year old daughter started saying “kitty, kitty”. I looked out and sure enough there was a filthy, scrawny little calico kitten under the bushes, I got out and she came running to me. We took her home and she’s been our Coco ever since. We named her Coco that night when my daughter tried to say calico, it came out Coco. She’s the smartest of our 5 cats, and she’s wonderful. Coco’s favorite trick is to grab a helium balloon by the string and drag it all over the house. She’s very loving especially with our oldest cat, Simon. She was recently diagnosed with diabetes which makes her more precious, the thought of losing her is heartbreaking.    – Kathy Brown


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