Mar 12 2014

March Client & Employee Pet of the Month!


Meet Chaton!    “Mon Petite Chaton” means “my little kitten” in French and that isthe name that I chose to give her the day that I adopted her. She came from an animal shelter that had slot of kitties at the time who we’re needing to be adopted. From the moment I got there, Chaton was meowing and screeching the entire time I was looking at all of my options. As soon as I opened her cage, she leapt onto my chest and wrapped her paws around my shoulders. She was purring and drooling all over me and just seemed so happy to be loved on. It was then that I knew she was the one for me. She was around 8 months old at the time, so she was full of energy and was extremely playful. Although I have provided her with as many toys as she could ever imagine, her favorite thing to play with is her own tail. She also enjoys watching tv with me in the evenings, as if she really knows what’s going on. She is very observant and always noticed the simple changes that I make in the house from time to time. For instance, I changed my shower curtain one day and she stood up on the edge of the bath tub, sniffed all over it, jumped down and walked away as if she was not impressed. Her favorite place to rest is in her basket on top of her play stand; she will curl up ans sleep in it for hours. Currently, Chaton has developed some arthritis in her knees and hips, so she is receiving laser therapy treatment at EBAH and is responding very well. I hope to have many more years left with her because she is turkey a blessing.     -Ellen Planchner



Meet Bear!     Beer Riddle is a real front runner as the cat most likely to knock everything off of any counter top in the house. When he is looking for attention, he knocks anything and everything onto the floor with a crash. He is such a good boy and is great  friends with my 92 year old dad who lives with me. Although they do bump heads all of the time. Bear enjoys watching the birds eat at the bird feeders outside of the window, of course he thinks he is actually running them off, but we won’t tell him that! Bear has been a wonderful addition to my family, he is so playful and such a joy to have around the house.    – Mary Lou Riddle- receptionist at EBAH

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